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The Bag Itself

Updated: May 16, 2019

Leatherwork is something I have little experience in. Fortunately, as well at a joinery workshop on site, there are also skilled bag makers too.

My first requirement was to model a pattern in paper. Not very waterproof, did the job though. I did this with Anna Pugh, although I don't suppose she would want to take any credit for my work here.

Once it was established that the bag would fit well, the parts were cut, edges glued, while the straps where riveted and poppers set. The curved stitching along the edges was all done by Wolfram Löhr It needed far too much skill and experience for me to risk messing it up and I would hate to wreck the hide. I can wreck metal if needs be, but leather deserves more respect.

The offer up, which was hugely satisfying. There is a shoulder strap that is tucked inside when not in use and there are two poppered straps underneath that hold the bag down in the rack,

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