Workhaus Bikes

Bespoke Beauty Utility 

It’s a perfect storm.


I love bikes, always have, ride whenever I can and encourage others to do the same.


I have always designed & built stuff and now run a group of workspaces in Brighton & Hove.


I have a degree in mechanical engineering, which I ran screaming from the moment I finished my final exam. The design, ergonomics, aesthetics I loved, the atmosphere, the pace and the thermo fluid dynamics killed me. Perhaps my childhood love for bikes is what attracted me to the subject in the first place. There must have been something.


I adore what is happening in Britain around the sport of cycling. Where does this sporting success take us? Sir Dave Brailsford apparently said ‘his proudest achievement was that 2.1 million British people now regularly cycle.'


We can do more, so let’s strike while the iron is hot.


Utility bikes for people who, up until now, have only had the choice of a car.


Beautiful bikes for those of us who want to ride a work of art.


Courier bikes to halve the need for vans.


This wonderful movement that is springing up around the world where volunteers with modified bikes transport OAPs out and about for the sheer joy of it.


Transporting the kids to and from school and football and ballet and judo…


And on and on.


So, I’m doing it. Not the best of business plans and I doubt anyone ever got rich making bikes. Firstly, I entered a bike into the Bespoked Constructors Challenge 2015. Secondly, I carried on.


Drop by for a brew and join a movement. Like the main picture of this site, it calls you in.