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Stay Benders

Updated: May 16, 2019

It is time to make myself a new and better stay bender. I'm fortunate to share site space with a high end joinery company, Workhaus Furniture, so off-cuts are plentiful and of a decent quality. Including, in this case, oak. Using a chain stay I marked out the shape required, then it's just to chisel out the slot.

Repeat the process for the bottom half, only longer, and then work the the edge down to give room for a bend.

Mine has been flared out a bit too. A mistake and if I get time to remake the jig I will make sure I don't repeat this error, in no way is it a benefit. Unlikely to cause a problem either.

The two halves don't need to be anymore than simply glued together, the jig will be clamped in a vice when in use. The final touch is a line on the bottom face to show where the curve begins. Looking at this photograph, I reckon I might go back and make mine a touch bolder.

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