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The 'Retül' System

Updated: May 16, 2019

I'm torn. I'd like to win the lottery and buy every tool, jig and contraption known to man while at the same time I love the fact that a perfectly good geometry test rig can be made out of my first proper bike and some wood.

The crank length happened to be correct so I fixed the bottom bracket, raised the dropouts for the correct seat tube angle and adjusted the seat height. All that remained then was to shim the handlebars forward & back and/or up & down until Sam was comfortable.


I hope Sam won't mind when I say that he's all torso. Arms & legs yes, but mentioned second. It's not a problem. No, the fundamental flaw of this set up is the lack of resistance. This yellow beauty coupled to a winter trainer would have done the trick.

On a normal bike one can feel the load reduce in ones arms when pedaling as opposed to just freewheeling so this rig is likely to suggest a higher/closer bar position than would be ideal.


We're done, so it's time to transfer the data to the final design (keeping a wary eye on spacers and stem).


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